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2FACETHECHANGE sixth issue. Sport is changing: the protagonists of the sector are facing new purchasing behavior.

As sportsmen before even as professionals, we experienced the lock down with eager expectation, suffering at home with the mirage of lonely outdoor experiences or friendly team challenges on synthetic fields, sometimes trying to replicate the training of the athletes in the living room.
We have adapted, postponing some purchases or experimenting specialized e-commerce stores, certainly changing habits and rethinking needs and desires.

Finally reopening, now what? Companies and distribution are facing new scenarios, different opportunities and some significant difficulties.

We have tried to analyze all this through the key issues in the commercial and marketing field, taking advantage of thirty years of experience in a sector that we are all passionate as people, and which has given us over the years the opportunity to test ourselves together with international brands.

In this new
2FACETHECHANGE white paper our food for thought, as always open to comparison.

Read the interview with Francesco Sacco, President and Strategic Manager of Pubblimarket2:



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